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Plastics have become part and parcel of our daily lives and in analyzing several indicators we know that the demand for plastics in Sri Lanka for its domestic and exports will grow rapidly in the years to come and Sri Lanka with its expected post-war development is considered as one of the most lucrative emerging markets for the plastic industry. Currently there are 400 companies in Sri Lanka engaged in plastics processing for both domestic and international market. A total sum of LKR 15 billion has been invested in the industry. Almost 50% of this has come through foreign direct investments. India, the most favored neighbor, is ideal country that can provide great access for processing machinery particularly at entry level. The Indian Plastics Machinery industry, with its experience gained over 4 decades, can provide the right technology and equipment at affordable costs and perhaps can usher in the Next Plastics Industry Revolution in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Plast is the perfect forum.

Adresse:Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre

Saurashtra Plast is a joint initiative taken by Saurashtra Plastics Manufacturers' Association and KMG Business Technology to promote the plastic industries of Gujarat Globally. Concurrently organized with the 4th Rajkot Machine Tools Show, it will be a most dynamic platform for all the exhibitors and visitors who mean “GENUINE BUSINESS”. SPMA is one the leading association representing the Plastic manufacturers’ & Dealers from Gujarat region, specifically Saurashtra &Kutch. Established in the year 1988/1989, Today SPMA can proudly proclaim to have more than 1000 registered members including 180 Associate Members from Raw Materials Mfgrs., Machinery Manufacturers, Dealers & Traders Of Colour, Dies& Chemicals And Ancillary Equipment Of Polymer Industry.

Adresse:Race Course Ground, Rajkot
Kenya Plast 2012

The hub of East African Region, strategically located on the east coast of Africa, with a population of 40 Million. Kenya imports commodities worth US$ 10.4 Billion in 2010 especially machinery, transportation equipment, petroleum products, motor vehicles and parts, iron and steel, resin, plastics, etc. Kenya's 2010 Economic Performance and Outlook for 2011: In 2010, Kenya has seen the return of higher growth projected at 4.9 percent, and may now be at a tipping point for robust growth.

Adresse:The Kenyatta National Conference Centre, Nairobi
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