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Peanut milk

  peanut milk Specification:350g*1*12   we have exported it to USA.

Fujian Taifu Food Co.,Ltd.

Arman Kernel Milk Tea Powder

  Arman Kernel Milk Tea Powder   This product use China western grassland high walnut kernel, apricot kernel, almond kernel, high quality qingzhuan tea, according to China western region peopl

Xinjiang Arman Industrial Company


  Ingredients: High quality pure natural qamgur turnip.   Functions it is afit for pneumonia,phthisic,myopia and limply sufferer.

Xinjiang Arman Industrial Company

YILI Pure Milk

Trait: The quality is pure and nature.Yili pure milk comes from the high-quality milk cow breeding base belt which has won international recognition and reputation. This area covers Hohhot of Inner

YILI Group Industrial Co., Ltd.

Golden Pure Milk

  Trait: 1.Plentiful protein. There are 3.5g proteinwith every 100g product, which is 18.6% more than the national standard and provides enough nutrition. 2.The quality is better because of its sele

YILI Group Industrial Co., Ltd.

Skimmed Milk

  The cream has been removed from fresh milk, and the product has been increased |?3 which is healthy for the blood vessel of heart, food-fibre and honey.   Yili skimmed milk is made from 100%

YILI Group Industrial Co., Ltd.

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